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The OCBC 360 Account Explained



The OCBC 360 is a high interest saving account that’s perfect for adults and youths. Saving your money on this account is the smartest way to grow your money and multiply your savings. The account is one of the accounts every youthful adult will want to have. If you want to discover the high interest rate savings account, OCBC 360 is exactly what you need.

Comes With High Maximum Interests Of 4.10%

Every OCBC 360 account holder is eligible for a 4.10% interest rate when their savings balance reaches the target RM 100,000.  The account is designed such that you cannot create more than one account. When opening the OCBC 360 account, you must deposit a minimum amount of RM 500. The 4.10% interest will be paid to your account 14 days after you have attained the RM100, 000 mark. It’s good to realize that this interest rate is not eligible for customers who have lock-in period accounts.

Annual .50% For All Your Savings

As long as you have money in your OCBC 360 account, you are eligible for this yearly interest rate. By the end of every financial year, the money in your account with be multiplied by the 0.50%. This is an awesome amount your savings will give you free of charge every single year.

discover the high interest rate savings account

You Get 1.2% P.a. All Monthly Deposits You Make Above RM500

All the deposits above RM500 you make every month will qualify you for the 1.2% yearly interest rate. This is another amazing benefit of this great OCBC saving account you can’t afford to miss. No matter your age and yearly earning, you need to discover the high interest rate savings account that will get your money growing no matter the amount and your monthly savings.

You Get 1.20% P.a. On All Bills You Make Online

As long as you make at least 3 bills online every month, you will qualify for this high and interesting interest rate. For everyone who has an OCBC 360 account, all they need to get their money multiplied by 1.20% by every end of the year is to be paying at least three bills online every single month.

You Get 1.20% P.a. For Spending At Least RM500 On Your OCBC Card Monthly

Another amazing way for OCBC 360 account holders to earn interests from their savings is to spend money via their OCBC cards. No matter how and where you spend the money, as long as you do that through your OCBC card and it exceeds RM500, you can be sure that your savings will be multiplied by 1.2% at the end of every year. The more the amount you spend the better although it may not increase the interest you get at the end of every year.

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