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The Bad Mistakes That Ruins Your Lead Conversions With Your Forms



There are a lot of things that go into a high-converting landing page such as having a clutter-free design, having a concise design, having a relevant marketing slogan, and all the way to offering an aligned way that helps a buyer to have a great experience transacting with you.

Once these aspects are put in place, you are actually doing very good, and all you want to do is give your prospective customers the reason why they should fill out the form and get newsletters and emails from your company.

When you optimize your forms to remove from friction, it should be attended as much as other elements of your landing page. If you read these mistakes that you might be doing right now in a list provided below, you can reduce all the small distractions that cost your conversions.

  1. Having Too Many Fields- You might be asking right now how many fields should be shown in your landing page? According to a reliable and trusted lead generation company in the United Kingdom, you can only have three to five fields in your landing page, and any number beyond that will create a negative impact to your conversion rate.
  2. Having Too Many Required Fields- If you are the kind of business owner or site owner that requires a lot of hassle to your customer in exchange for a promo code, you are actually preventing them to patronize your product or service. You should trim down all the unnecessary fields and leave it with just the name, the email address, and the job title of the customer.
  3. Having A Very Hassle Captcha- Captcha is always required for verification in any legitimate site you come across to weed out any leads that are not qualified or violates your terms and conditions, but, this should not create a hassle for your customer, that is why you have to make sure that you provide a smart captcha to verify every site visit. If you are not using a smart captcha, it would be better not to use at all.
  4. You Don’t Have Smart Forms- If you put it that way that your customers or site visitors have their database stored in your website, using smart form fields will streamline this hassle way of reentering their information. If you do not have smart forms, you are just simply preventing your customers to be more convenient with their transactions using your website.
  5. Conditional Logic Is Not Your Type- Conditional logic with your smart forms will further customize your forms based on the site visitor’s interaction and behavior and this will also improve your chances to get more conversions rather than repeat leads.
  6. You Are Asking Too Many Questions In A Field- If you have landing page offers, you should remember that there are still some hesitations of your site visitors about your product and service, and to earn their trust, do not instantly ask for their phone numbers right away because this will just decrease your lead conversion rate from your landing page. Instead, let them do their own decision if they want to fill in the form.

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