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Protect your child’s future by obtaining a Child’s Education plan with OCBC Bank



Having a child means a huge responsibility; a parent needs to provide the essential necessity their children needs, whether its clothes, shelter, food, and most importantly, education. Providing these requires thorough planning as they tend to be expensive, particularly with the child’s education making education an option to consider. If you want the best for your child, you should start financial planning for child education this will not only help you in the future but will also support your child as they accelerate through their lives.

OCBC Life Goals Service

OCBC Bank in Malaysia offers their Life Goals Service which focuses on your child’s education plan. The bank will provide sufficient information on how much your expenses for your child’s University and Secondary Education should cost. Giving each of their clients and customers the approximate amount to expect preparing them for their child’s future.

Having an educational plan prepares your child very well.Investing in this plan offers huge services which will not only benefit your child but will also benefit you in the future as well. We live in an era where prices tend to fluctuate, and predicting the cost of your child’s education for the future can cause possible inconveniences.

This is the main reason why parents should be well prepared with their child’s educational plan, which will not only give each parent the efficiency and ease but will also provide their children the financial support needed topursue their dreams.

Requirements and Processes

The information for OCBC Bank’s Life Goals’ Education Plan can be acquired by going through the bank’s website which can be reached by clicking here. Upon reaching the website, and clicking the Life Goals button located on the upper panel of the website’s interface, clients and customers will be required to fill up a form which helps the bank to identify the client’s preference. Clients and customers will be asked about which stage of education they want to plan, the age of their child as well as their names.

Initial information is required by the bank for them to initiate a computation which will compute all the possible expenses forthe child’s specific education plan.

This helps the bank to compute all of the approximate costs foryour child’s education plan, minimum amounts will then be presented through the client and customer, and will be asked to choose whether they want to apply for the said education plan. This provides freedom for the client or customer, allowing them to decline the said offer if they are well prepared.


Hoping for your child’s bright future is easy, but providing it tends to be a lot of work. That is the main reason why Education Plans are considered as a necessity, particularly in this time where price range tends to fluctuate unpredictably. If you start financial planning for child education, you and your child will be prepared. This will not only eliminate the risks of stopping your child from continuing their journey in achieving their dreams in school but will also provide you the ease and efficiency; giving your child the education they truly deserve.

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