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ICO What You Need To Know About This New Industry Of Crowdfunding



Initial coin offering or popularly known by its abbreviation (ICO) is a type of crowdfunding that is built and reliant on the blockchain platform. This is popularized when Bitcoin became over saturated and people were looking for the next alternative like Etherium. This enabled various companies and individuals to out there to out their projects in action without the need for bigger players to back them up.

With ICO, it provides a platform of opportunities thru cryptocurrency, and it proves to be very fruitful and while the ICO concept proves to be very promising there are things that investors need to be wary about. People will always get swayed by commercials and what a company is all about, but beyond that are things that people never bothered to check, but as an investor, you should investigate further even if no one is telling you.

Go beyond the fluffs: No company will tell you what they are bad, in fact even if they are, they will tell you that they are the best. Why? Because any sign of possible weakness their investors will be swayed, their competition will be stronger and they will lose money. This is the reason why many companies hide their financial status and the only time that they will tell everyone that they are in trouble is when they are already bankrupt. This is why you need to still do your research no matter how good the numbers, the ads, the smiley faces and the promises are. Go way past that, online there are a lot of information that you will be able to dig on a certain company, the founders, their projects, the pros and cons and so on.

Your guarantee: The fact is that ICO is unregulated, this means any company or individual can just make their own rules and practices and no one will tell them that its bad. There are a lot of devil’s advocate out there and they don’t have horns to show. So the best thing that you can do is ask for a guarantee and hope that their project won’t die before you get your investment back. Most ICO usually will offer you a refund through if that happens provided that they are legitimate..

Contact experts: The good thing about the world today is that there are already a ton of experts with ICO that you can talk to. They are in various forums, they have blogs, they are in social media, some of these guys have ICO review as well and many more channels. They answer to anyone that needs their help, so if you’re not sure, look for some experts that can help you decide and become smarter.

ICO is a popular concept recently that was inspired by the concept of crowdfunding and in the quest to find the next big cryptocurrency that people can have high profits on like Etherium. The platform enables individuals or companies to put their projects into action without the need for any big players to back them up. If you want to see the reviews on the current ICO on the market today, visit

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