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How to Get the Best Global Health Plan



How to Get the Best Global Health Plan

Hong Kong is considered one of the most financially stable countries. As a result, foreigners are going to Hong Kong to look for better opportunities. Careers are progressive in Hong Kong, as per its residents.

While working, you need to keep yourself healthy at all times. In Hong Kong, healthcare can be expensive if you don’t have backups such as health and medical insurances. As an expat, you should look for the best medical insurance deals because some hospitals can charge a high cost for non-locals.

If you are an expat living in Hong Kong, you can secure your health by availing a global health plan. Listed below are the tips on how you can avail one. With things to consider, you can find out the expat health insurance in Hong Kong suitable for you.

find out the expat health insurance in Hong Kong

Consider the Coverages

In selecting the best deals for you, answer the following questions:

  • Will it cover your medical needs in the future?
  • Will the cost of your hospitalization be reduced?
  • Are the benefits included worthy of its price?
  • Can you renew it regardless of your status?
  • Will you be able to utilize the benefits of the plans anywhere in the world?

Donot worry; we know a company that answers the abovementioned questions. Cigna got you covered. Cigna Global Health Options Platinum is the best medical insurances for expatriates living in Hong Kong. With their premium benefits that you can use globally, you can design your medical plans according to your necessities.

Check for the Cost

Along with premium coverages come an expensive cost. Insurance companies can offer you expensive deals based on your plans. Think about whether individual policies will be less costly for you, or if an individual policy with multiple coverages can be more beneficial.

You should come up with a percentage of your salary to be allotted to your global health plan. While sustaining the needs of your family, your insurance plan should not be a burden. Instead, it should help your family lessen your worries in the future.

What You Need to Know?

Scouting for the best plans while living abroad can at times be challenging. If you do not have medical insurance while you are living in a foreign country and your health begins to deteriorate, the cost of medical treatment can wreak havoc. So, securing a global health plan will come in handy. Do not hesitate to avail insurance now, so you can extend your life and live it to the fullest.


Working abroad to provide for your family is difficult. You’ll do your best to secure their needs even if your health is at stake. We can help you find out the expat health insurance in Hong Kong. With the help of Cigna, you can ensure that expenses for your health in the future will not bring worries. Even if you retire from your work in Hong Kong, and you’re planning to return to your home country, rest assured that your health in the future is still secured because Cigna’s global health plan can be used worldwide.

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