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HK’s Best Record Keeper



HK’s Best Record Keeper

Hongkong storage is a professional enterprise providing storage management services to Hong Kong community since 1997. The business solely focuses on transporting, storing, and disposing confidential company documents such as financial reports, taxation, and legal documents. The business also opens its warehouse to household customers. The company has currently an over 2 million cubic feet storage facilities across the country. Spacious, isn’t?

Why there is a need for storage management services?

Below are the 2 main reasons why Hongkong Storage was established,

  • In accordance to Hong Kong’s ordinance (Cap.112 Inland Revenue Ordinance ─ Section 51C), small and large-scale companies are required to store their income and expenditure records for at least 7 years prior to the completion of transaction. These stored files occupy more, at the same time, lessens the offices’ functional spaces.
  • Based on Knight Frank’s 2017 Global Report, Hong Kong became the world’s most expensive urban city to rent an office space during the 2nd quarter of 2016 which is believed to last for 3-5 years. This change creates a greater need for affordable storage facilities.

Document storage Hong kong aims to provide an affordable, manageable, hassle-free storage facility.

Document Storage Hong Kong

Why trust them?

If you are looking for a safe, secure, storage systems and services, then Hongkong Storage is just right for you. Below are the features of the business which makes them exceptional,

  • Controlled Storage Environment. Everything inside the warehouse is under a controlled environment. Its temperature, humidity, and air quality are constantly monitored to avoid growth of hazardous and persistent molds and mildews which destroy the quality of documents. Regular pest inspection is done for documents preservation.
  • Highly Guarded Warehouse. Fire, G4S alarm systems, and surveillance video cameras are 24 hours connected to a security center to ensure its functionality. Unauthorized personnel are not allowed to access the area.
  • Efficient and Effective. Their fast delivery and services save time, money, and office space. Document boxes are delivered and picked up on-time, labelled with unique barcodes for ease transport and keeping. SAP system is installed for warehouse management.
  • Secured shredding and disposal. Unusable confidential files are shred before disposing and every stage is photographed to guarantee the company that no leakage of classified documents will happen.
  • Document Imaging. It is an additional service where the chosen documents are scanned individually and compiled in any preferred electronic device for easy retrieval and cost reduction.

If you are still doubtful…

Hongkong-based international companies like BBC World News, Pearson Education, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Volvo, and Adidas avail its services.

They store, manage, and guard your documents.

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