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Five Best Portable Toolboxes



Apart from professionals, it’s a pretty good idea for everyone to be in possession of tools at home. You never know when you will need them, and you certainly don’t need to call a professional to tighten a loose bolt, or do you? For simple at home tools for amateurs or more complex loads of them for expert use, one thing remains consistent, both need a portable toolbox to store or carry around their tools. Anyone looking to get best portable toolbox  in the market, below is a list of five of the best in the market no matter the intended purpose.

  1. Stanley 020800 R Fatmax 4 in1 Mobile Work Station

Stanley is one of the most reputable hand tools manufacturers in the construction market. With their Fatmax 4 in 1, Stanley offers ample tool storage space and organization capabilities. It also has wheels to ease mobility especially when weight is a concern since it can withstand a fair amount of loads. It’s made from structural foam which makes it the best regarding lightweight.

best portable toolbox

  1. DEWALT DWST17806 TSTAK VI Deep Box

While the DWST17806 is smaller without much weight and storage capacity, it is expandable with more cases. It is relatively lightweight since it’s made out of plastic and regarding its size, it’s way too inexpensive which makes it most convenient on a low budget.

  1. Stanley 028001L

Here is another entry from Stanley, the 028001L with its simplistic features. This is perhaps the most suitable toolbox for use at home. It is lightweight and pretty much water resistant, but most of all it is a meager budget portable toolbox. The essential property to take in consideration when deciding to buy Stanley 028001L is weight. Having too much load can flex it outwards.

  1. The Excel TB133 A Red 21 Inch Portable Steel Tool Box

The TB133A is one of the best mechanic toolboxes around. It is made of both steel and aluminum which cuts down on weight and resists rusting. It has four compartments for easy organization. It also locks internally to curb spillage, however, considering it is metallic, it would be wise to keep the drawers oiled on the tracks to avoid difficulties with the opening.

  1. WORKPRO 229 Piece Mechanics Tool Kit

This could be the best portable toolbox especially intended for mechanics, plus it’s already equipped with essential mechanical tools. It’s made of steel which makes it durable but also considerably heavy for its size. It is also quite expensive.

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