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Biometrics- When Performance Matters



Ipsidy offers a complete portfolio of biometrics software products for large-scale fingerprint acknowledgment, facial recognition as well as iris recognition schemes, counting: a biometric services platform; a scalable Automatic Biometric Identification System (ABIS); browser- plus Windows-based UIs for biometric registration. Our products are easy-to-use, field-proven, well-supported, as well as independent of capture hardware as well as matching algorithms. For more info visit

At our core, ipsidy is a biometric technology creator, focused on generating systems that streamline business procedures and decrease risk over the unique and secure credentials of individuals.

Over practically twenty years, our widespread business knowledge and skill has enabled us to build technology resolutions that span the ‘Biometric Enterprise’. No matter the extent or type of business, our applications address the range of business subjects and challenges wherever certainty of credentials for persons and assets is essential.

With Biometric Identity Organization Solutions coupled through Professional Services, ipsidy Solutions are planned to scale from a solo location installation, right up toward an enterprise-wide multi-modal solution that extends across numerous locations, managing trade operations via a distinct platform.


Ipsidy delivers large-scale biometric credentials and verification solutions tailored toward specific necessities, allowing identity systems by high-performance fingerprint credit for biometric credentials and verification.

Our solutions are reliable, flexible, and sturdy, due in part to the modularity plus configurability of our COTS products, their hardware as well as algorithm individuality, our thorough software maintenance practices, as well as lessons learned from utilizations across a varied range of applications.

We take great vanity in the speed of our work, affordability, plus flexibility. Before it comes to fingerprinting, no one could approach our level of devotion.

Whether integrating current system or custom is made the system which needs fingerprinting for credentials, registration or verifications.

Our designers study and understand customer needs to offer stunning systems which are consistent, robust and safe to be used in diverse environments. Below are some licensed scanners we use.

Biometrics- When Performance Matters

Iris Scanning

Iris scanning biometrics measure the exclusive patterns in the colored loop of your eye to verify and confirm your identity. Contactless, fast plus renowned for its precision, biometric iris recognition can function at long distances, by some solutions that leverage the modality needing only a look from a use.

At ipsidy, we offer both iris scanning products as well as also offer both custom made or current iris biometric software solutions. Click for more info

Facial recognition

Like all biometrics results, face recognition technology measures plus matches the exclusive characteristics for the purposes of credentials or authentication. Frequently leveraging a digital or linked camera, facial recognition software could detect faces in images, compute their features, and then match them alongside stored templates in a database.

Face scanning biometric tech is extremely versatile also this is reflected in its varied range of prospective applications.

Biometric identification is fast, precise, convenient, secure plus increasingly cost-effective. Ipsidy Solutions are planned to scale from a single site installation, right up toward an enterprise-wide multi-modal solution that widths across numerous locations, managing business processes through a single platform.

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