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Benefits and progression of finance in India



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Generally financial services are developed only for the people benefits as these services provided by the finance trade. This financial field provides allocation of liabilities and assets under some conditions. Certainly, financial services are useful to improve economic level in India. Most of the persons are investing their saving in physical assets. Since they are gaining through these assets, as many people would like to invest money on their land, houses and gold. Since the people are thinking that these assets cannot be destroyed and where these make only more money. According to that strategy, people are investing money on their properties. Finance field is categorized into three functions. They are personal finance, public finance and corporate finance. Personal finance is developed only for the people who wanted to improve their economic status in society. Nowadays, each and every people wanted to be a standalone man in front of this society. Hence, they want to have some assets and liabilities as their own. But their income and financial background is not helping to them.

progression of finance

In that particular situation, financial services are providing some benefits with the help of some banks. So people are getting utilized of it. The personal finance is applicable only for the person who earns enough money. Personal finance is basically provides for the following reasons. The first one is that security against unexpected personal events. The next one is that inheritance and heritage. Due to penalties, effects of tax and credit policies and for economic instability. Under these criteria, personal finance is beneficial one for all the people. Personal finance will be given for education, real estate, car loans; buying insurance contains health and property insurance. Some standards are followed by the financial services which are financial position, sufficient protection, tax planning, Accumulation and investment goal, planning for retirements and estate planning.

Next to personal finance, corporate finance deals with the causes of supporting and the capital structure of corporations. Corporate finance basically involves profitability and the balancing risk. The finance approves for the business people depend on the profit of that company which it gains. The risks of getting loan under the category of corporate finance is that Foreign exchange, volatility, shape, liquidity and inflation risks. According to these conditions, the financial services getting loan amount from the approved bank as this bank visits the corporate and creates service receipts and which can followed by the bank as well as the financial service. Finally, public financial services play a vital role in India. This public Finance can be available only on organized and unorganized sector. Organized sector is nothing but          public, private and foreign owned commercial banks. An unorganized sector is that individual or family owned banks. Hence, unorganized banks are preferred only in sub-urban and rural areas.

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