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4 Easy Ways To Collect Free Bitcoin



If you are into digital currency or something like Bitcoin, then it is certain that you are pondering about free Bitcoin. With Bitcoin you will get many benefits of course and like any other store you also get some free samples (Bitcoin), but accessible to only those who know where to find them.  Are you ready to enjoy getting few for free?

Pop Bubbles

This is one popular game and definitely fun to play. There is one more advantage of it which you must not overlook and that is getting free coins. The game is available for android users; you get upgrades after which you can add more time.  There are fewer interruptions from ads. To win make sure that you earn stars. Once you earned 3, you get additional ones. At first you might find a bit difficult to play Bitcoin Popper, but after trying for few minutes, you are surely going to enjoy it. There are pretty good chances to earn Bitcoin for free.

free bitcoin


It is an online RPG game play. There is one downside of this game and that is it is highly addictive and once you started you will find challenging to get over it.  Grow your defense ratings and character attacks to make your game stronger. You can complete this task by winning credits, more training and using credits for improving your stats.  There are different quests which you can enter and get rewards. Make sure to have Bitcoin account.

Free Bitcoin app

Every hour you can claim Satoshi using this app. Watch videos and get rewards, it is pretty simple. With this free Bitcoin app you can get 250,000 Satoshi reward every hour, but this is a rare chance. You need to collect 20,000 Satoshi to withdraw your rewards from your Bitcoin wallet.  This is one simple app that you need to download on your devices to enjoy free Bitcoin.

Bitcoin farm

 This is another free application which you can easily find at Google play that lets you collect Bitcoin for free very thirty minutes.  It is a Bitcoin app with regular Bitcoin faucet and you get Satoshi every thirty minute period when you watch an ad or video.  The game is designed with farm theme, where you watch a flower grow, harvest it and collect your rewards. It is absolutely easy. You need to collect twenty thousand Satoshi to withdraw your funds and receive payments in your Bitcoin wallet.

These are the ways to earn free Bitcoin. Fortunately there are plenty of other applications and paid books which you can use to collect Bitcoin for free.  Just make sure to check the ratings and reviews to get the worthy applications or it will waste your time and eat up space on your devices.

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